About Soleiluna

The seductive romanticism and glamourous spirit of the 1960s and 1970s are the eternal muse behind Soleiluna.

Pron. Soleil (sol-ay), sun in French, and Luna (lieu-na), moon in Spanish. 

Soleiluna holds close the nomadic spirit, invoking the mood of freedom:

A blend of the raw and romantically cool, Soleiluna holds mercurial appeal. Silhouettes are ethereal and inviting, accenting the diaphanous qualities of cotton and silk. Soft flowing dresses, sweet button-down shirts, gathered up frills and floaty pants showcased in enticing hues and captivating prints are the foundational pillars of the collection.

Combining talents from their own fields of experience, our founding members include Natalie Cohen Design Director, formerly of Cohen et Sabine; Kate Bensimon, PR and Communications Director; and James Ji textile, production and supply chain expert, who have come together and founded the brand.

We focus on building a considered womenswear brand that offers sophisticated ease that is both cool and refined.


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